Sunday, May 1, 2011

Royal Wedding, Royal Wedding!

Talk about a show-stopping event here in England (and not to mention America)!  I hear it was even bigger back in the states than it was here, which is a bit ironic, but nonetheless.  I figure it had something to do with the pomp and circumstance intermingled with years of tradition, which is something the states are fascinated with, mostly because we lack the ancient history.  My friends and I did indeed watch the whole parade and ceremony (2.5 hours worth), and I must say, it was a bit anticlimactic and awfully boring.  But really, what wedding isn't?  Of course, a wedding in person would be decent fun (especially the reception), but I can't say watching someone get married on television even comes close to being interesting.

The ceremony wasn't the big deal, though.  Honestly, it's been the build up and anticipation that's made this wedding memorable.  I have never seen so many things with Will and Kate's face printed upon them.  I'm talking spoons, table clothes, kitchen towels, bookmarks, glass paperweights, lockets, banners, flags, hats... you name it, I've seen it.  Oh, and milkshakes.  That's right.  Special milkshakes for the special day, here in Oxford!

Now, on to celebrating Queen Elizabeth's II milestone year!  It's been overshadowed by the wedding as of yet, but you will soon be hearing about the spectacular diamond jubilee!  QE II has been reigning for a tremendous 60 years this coming summer.  The only other monarch in British history to rule this long was Queen Victoria, who made it 60 years.  So, here's to QE II for staying fit and setting a new record!

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