Monday, December 20, 2010


Day 1:

Supposed to have landed in paris yesterday, but snow is coming down hard in France.  So, finally, I left our hostel in Barcelona this morning at 5:40am to start my trek to what I thought would be an easy flight to Paris.. supposedly only 1.5hrs.

Everything is running at the airport.  Whew.  I get in line, get on the plane, we take off.. beautiful flight over water.  I took a few pictures. 

We're MID FLIGHT trying to land in Paris and we just keep circling the forboding clouds.. and then the captain comes on and says that Paris Beauvais (our airport) just closed.  Since we can't just hover all day, the captain makes a decision to fly to the nearest city airport.  So, we fly to Lille, which is only another 20 minutes.

We land on an ICY runway at Lille.  Much applause for the captain on that one.  However, just when we thought we could go smoothly on, we wait ON the plane for an hour for buses.  I then take a 2.5 hour bus BACK to Paris Beauvais, followed by an hour bus INTO Paris, followed by a 45min metro adventure (because I had to help some lost Americans).

SO, 10 hours later, I'm finally a hostel.  Jeeze.  Now I don't get to see my Parisien friend until tomorrow and only for a few friends.  Screw you, snow!

Day 2:

Cheyam didn't end up being able to meet up with me, so hopefully I'll see her again since I'll definitely be trekking back to Paris once more this year.  Met up with a friend from Barcelona who was also in Paris and he and I went to explore Montmartre and Sacre Coeur, which was beautiful though very touristy.  The weather in France wasn't too bad, since it decided to finally stop snowing and just be a bit foggy.  I made it to the airport in one piece and landed in London Luton around 7pm, then waited for an Oxford bus until 8:20pm, at which point I finally arrived back at St. Anne's around 10:30pm!  Apparently most London airports are still not functioning, so thank goodness for my luck thus far.  Sara is still stuck in Barcelona, so hopefully she'll be able to fly out today!

Pictures to come now that I'm back!

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