Friday, December 31, 2010

Saying goodbye to 2010

What a year it's been.  Just for myself, I thought I'd go over each month with little anecdotes.


Happy 20th!

January -

I finally entered into the non-teenage years of life!  The age '20' sounds so much better than expected.


Steph looking over the athletic fields at BMC
February -

Philly and Bryn Mawr get hit with the blizzard of the decade (possibly longer) and we get two days of school called off.. the first time in 200 years, as I was told.  I believe this was also the month that I was told that St. Anne's College of Oxford would like me to send them materials in order to evaluate me for entrance as a visiting scholar, year 2010-2011.  Being on the 'other' end (the knowing of the secret) of Hell Week at Bryn Mawr was also a blast!

Hell Week with my first-years!  


Love you ladies!

March -

 I don't remember too much happening in March, other than our 2k race season starting up and coxing a fantastic 4+ boat.


Knecht Cup, I think

April -

Dad turned 61!  I believe this was also the month that I learned I needed to have hip surgery and scheduled it for June.  Yipes.  Also the fullest month of racing!

Steph, Isabel & I also thought it'd be brilliant to cut class and
journey down to Rehoboth Beach.. best decision ever.


May Day with Steph & Court

May -

Final month of sophomore year at Bryn Mawr.  What a year it had been!  Loved my customs group and did well, academically.  I also knew that I was going to study at Oxford for the next year, so I was incredibly excited!


Such an annoying contraption.. 5 hours a day worth!
June-September -

Cue the 5 month break between Bryn Mawr and Oxford.  On June 3rd, I had arthroscopic hip surgery to fix what the doctor could only guess was an impingement and severe tendonitis, though it was more of an exploratory procedure.  I was off crutches after about 4 days, though I had to use this ridiculous machine to move my hip joint so it wouldn't freeze up.  Sleeping wasn't so ideal, but I think that the surgery, overall, did work a bit.  However, I still have a lot of scar tissue that I can feel tightening up; need to work on that.

RU with one of my favorite campers!
I also took back my post at Recreation Unlimited, though in a new role.  I worked as the Program Assistant in the office, helping the office folks with duties but also working in the field.  It was a sad end to the summer summer, as there were a lot of staff changes and farewells.  However, as always, I met some lovely people at RU.  There is a beauty to that place that can't be described in words.  It will always hold a place in my heart.


Ready for Oxford!

September -

The packing for Oxford begins, as well as some journeys to visit friends before the big leave.  Also, I get a tattoo!

"Dare to be wise" - Horace


First BOP!
October -

First month of the greatest experience ever: St. Anne's College, Oxford.  Oxford is an absolutely fantastic city.  I've never been at a college where there was a legitimate 'college town' nearby, as Bryn Mawr is more of an affluent suburb for people working in Philadelphia.  It was nice being surrounded by so many students and having access to a fun town center.  I also joined the rowing club, which is a story within itself, full of epic memories (as I'm sure you've all seen through my pictures!).

Rowing pirate curry

Karina & I in front of Buckingham Palace
November -

Start of the worst sickness, ever.  I've been seriously sick less than five times in my life and never at college, but man, the UK did a number on my immune system.  I was diagnosed with about five different things, but eventually I think it came down to a form of mono and overall inflammation of my whole soft palate & tonsils.  The tonsilitis stayed way into December, although the pain finally went away just at the end of November.  I can't say I'd like to experience that sickness again.  Here's to hoping for a 'well' 2011!  During November, our rowing squad also made quite the show at both the Nephthys regatta and at Christ Church; well done!  My best friends also visited me this month: (twin) Karina from Norway & Steph from Greece!

Homemade Christmas dinner with good friends
Christ Church success!
Steph visits from Greece!


Cottage on Parks road
December -

The month of traveling... SUCH an experience!  On December 5, I left with Sara, another visiting student, and we traveled to Athens, Greece, then to Rome and Barcelona.  We split in Barcelona, with her attempting to get back to London (the snow impeded that quite a bit and she ended up arriving later than me) and me heading off to my favorite city, Paris.  I spent a short bit in Paris, then luckily got back to London.  I never knew I could meet so many fantastic people on my travels, but that surely happened!  Here's hoping they keep in contact.

Trinity College Lawns

I spent some time with good friends, including a fun Christmas stint with an Australian family (among a South African family!) with me acting as the token American.  They made the holiday quite fantastic.  I also met up with a few friends in London to do some post-Christmas shopping, which is just as big of a craze here as it is in the states.  I totally forgot about this little number and decided, during one of my bored Oxford days (where I'm pretty much the only inhabitant on campus), to walk into town on the 27th... only to be greeted by GIANT crowds and too much sale shopping.  Yipes!   You've seen most of the traveling pictures, so here are some recent ones of Oxford...


On the last day of 2010, I have a lot of look forward to.  I will turn the big 21 on January 11 and will celebrate with a lot of my rowing friends and a fellow cox who has the same birthday.  I'll be working the telethon for St. Anne's, talking with some very cool alumnae of the college and also making a bit of extra cash to put toward my spring travels (I'm thinking central Europe this time!).  I'll be taking new classes in psychology, and hopefully much more than last term; I like to be challenged and, despite my sickness during Michaelmas, I didn't feel as challenged as I'd hoped.  So, here's looking forward to more papers and a lot more reading for Hilary term!  I also hope to get back into shape, having eaten my way through the Mediterranean during travels.. and cooking more, as I was inspired by the lovely cuisine.  Our rowing squad has massive potential, so I'm excited to be involved with our 1st and 2nd men's boats and, if all goes well, look forward to demolishing some other colleges this term.  I will also be seeing my parents in April, when they come to visit Oxford and we do a tour of the UK; very excited!  Finally, 2011 marks that I have only 1.5 more years of undergraduate education!

Here's to you, 2010 -- 
in hopes for a fantastic 2011! 

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