Thursday, January 20, 2011

Hilary Term!

Rach & I celebrating our birthday!
Sorry I haven't updated recently... things have been crazy with people returning to college, my birthday, lots of parties, new term, etc!

Oxford is now in Hilary Term, which runs from January 17 - March 11, then we have our large 7 week break.  I think I'll try to go to some of central Europe this time around and pop around the UK when my parents visit during April.

This term I'm taking Language & Cognition, Individual Differences & Psychological Disorders and Conscious Awareness/Psychophysics.  All of my classes sum up to about 14 tutorials (which is a large amount for a psych student) so I should have my hands full.  I'm doing essentially two essays per week or one essay and one presentation per week.  I also have two tutorials on the last Friday of term.. no good!  Ah well.

I had my huge birthday party with a bunch of college friends on Tuesday.  It was a blast.  I've included a few pictures from the night... most were blurry or a bit crazy, so these are basically the tamest that I could find.  Haha.  But, it was a fantastic time.  It feels good to say that I'm 21!  Although, I won't get a new ID until I return to the states in July.  Knowing me, I'll have to redo my driving test because my license will have expired.  Good times.

My last weekend of the telethon is this coming weekend, then payday!  It was certainly a LONG time of calling, but it could've been worse. I met a few people during the call-time that gave me their addresses and emails and several invited me to shadow them, so I did get some useful career advice during it!

I also finally get to cox my first boat race with the Men's 1st VIII on Sunday!  We have SO much potential.  If you're a rower/have had experience rowing, you'll be happy to know that basically everyone in this boat can pull a 2000 meter piece under 7-minutes.. which is pretty phenomenal.  We have quite a few who are under 6:40, which is amazing.  We're definitely the team to beat this term and next, so look for updates on that front!

In the mean time, here are some amusing photos for you:

Throwing out some wicked dance moves.. wonder where I learned those from?
My friend Ilana & I... 
The birthday girls!

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