Sunday, January 23, 2011

Whew, glad to finally be done with the telethon!  We called senior members (alumnae) of St. Anne's for roughly 60 hours or more asking for donations toward the Student Support Fund.  I got a lot of good contacts out of the calls, actually, though it was a bit tedious at times.  Nonetheless, I did make some good money off of the opportunity.  I also made the most individual money of any of the fundraisers... £13,000!  73% of the people I talked to gave some kind of donation, which is awesome.  A future in fundraising for me?  Well, at least I have a fall-back...

This week is going to be a bit nuts.  I have a paper due Thursday, a presentation Friday and a plethora of random things to do.  I took over responsibility for organizing the boathouse dance with two other colleges, so we're meeting to discuss that Tuesday and that'll be taking up quite a lot of time with ticket selling, place booking, etc.  I also have about three birthday or themed parties to attend and drinks with the principal of the college.  A friend I met in Barcelona may be stopping by in Oxford on Wednesday before he heads back to Australia, as well.  WHEW, full week!

My first VIII boys did FANTASTIC in our time-trial style race today on the Isis.  The first division, we were set to go first and we finished eons ahead of the nearest boat.  In our second race, we ended up passing a boat and still finished by a longshot.  It was definitely a good day for us.  We have a lot of potential for the rest of this year and we plan on entering a lot of events around England.. add that to my list of things to be involved with!  Yipes.

I'm off to start some reading for the Thursday paper.  No coxing tomorrow, hence why I'm still up at nearly midnight.  I'm going to take over the second and third men's boats for practices to teach them more technique work, then race with the first boat.  Should be a very good time.

Our blade colors
Boathouse island (we're the last on the left)

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