Monday, February 21, 2011

Rowing, rowing, rowing!

Just completed a very full weekend of racing with the boys 1st VIII!  Traveled up to the famous Henley race course and completed a 3k in decent time for us, seeing as we haven't trained on anything longer than about 1.4k .  We managed to hold of the Cambridge University lightweights for the first 1500 metres, and then it took them 1000 metres to get past us and on to the finish.  Quite a race, really!

Sunday, we had the normal Isis Winter League that we've been competing in on most Sundays this term.  The boys were a bit knackered from Henley but they still put on a good show, taking second place with a very impressive split time (basically, a split time is how 'hard' one pulls).  All of the other crews on the river are looking decent, but we're definitely one of the top ones, if not in the top 2.

Torpids is coming up next week, which is essentially what we've been training for all along.  It's a four day bumps style race where boats are lined up about a length and a half away from each other and the goal is to 'bump' the boat in front of you.  Basically, the fastest off the line do the best, which is quite good for us as we have a lot of speed.  We're predicted to do very well, so fingers crossed for the boys (and me!) staying healthy and showing up ready to race with full intensity!

Pictures from Henley (gloomy and rainy, typical!)

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