Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Terribly sorry for the lack of updates!  Last week was a bit crazy.

I actually don't have any tutorials (personal sessions) this week, so I have lots of free time that I'm busy cherishing!  It's nice, for once.  I had really great tutorials last week, with both my essay and presentation getting lots of compliments (a rarity here at Oxford, I find!).  Hopefully I'll be able to keep it up next week.  Keep the interesting topics coming!

Last Friday was the first 'formal' of term, which we all want to turn into a tradition.  We had SUCH a great table of people!  I'll include some pictures from that.  Basically, once every two weeks St. Anne's holds a 'formal' hall where everyone gets snazzy and they serve us much better food than normal along with wine.  We purchase tickets for about £10 each, which is cheap compared to what you'd pay for a likewise meal out in Oxford.  Plus, you get to pick the table you sit at, so we stacked our table with great friends.

I have another IWL race coming up Sunday, hoping to beat our time from last week.

We have some exciting social-life activities coming up, as well.  The 12th will mark the first ball I'll attend at Oxford!  St. Catherine's College is holding a huge ball that most of the St. Anners are attending, so I'm really, really excited about it.  Apparently balls last until early morning!  Then, on Valentine's Day, our boathouse is holding a huge party downtown.  We share a boathouse with St. Hugh's and Wadham Colleges so we're getting together to have a cumulative rowers party with lots of rowing-named drinks, etc.  I'm one of the co-planners, so expect many pictures from that event when it rolls around!

I also just started booking my spring tickets with a friend of mine.  I think a lot of our Anne's friends are going to meet up with us at some point during our trip, which is going to be AMAZING.  Our itinerary thus far is: Alicante (to visit my good friend Sarah), Santander (to visit Sabrina's good friend), Madrid, Paris (to visit several good friends), back to London for the FAMOUS Cambridge v. Oxford boatrace, Berlin (with friends) and then Amsterdam (where we'll meet most of our friends)!  It's going to be awesome awesome awesome.  I'm so excited.

My parents are also coming around April 9th and we're planning on doing the UK.. ie. check out Oxford, London, Stonehenge, Dublin and Edinburgh.

Here are your obligatory pictures!

Walking back from Jazz Society
Some favorite friends at formal
Funny group shot

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