Friday, June 24, 2011

Friday already?

I just finished my last tutorial of term.  This term was especially good academic wise, which I was very happy with, but the crowning moments were definitely my time spent with the lovely friends I've made here.

Sabrina, Lilian and Hugo all fly off to Cornell tomorrow (already?!), so their summer is pretty much short lived.  I fly out Monday, so that means that I have to start considering what to pack soon.  Everyone else leaves tomorrow as well, so Keir and I will probably be one of the select few staying on Anne's campus until Monday.  It'll be strange watching everyone pack up!  I don't think I'll be noticeably sad, only because the happiness of this year far outweighs the sad, and I much prefer to remember the happy moments than to dwell on the goodbyes.

Our last formal of the year (and clubbing adventures) brought many quality pictures:


we're dwarves compared to Lilian

some beautiful ladies

the gents!

a fabulous group


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