Tuesday, June 14, 2011

I can't believe I only have 13 more days in this lovely town/country and amongst friends :( it's gone so quickly!

Keir and I made a trip to the Natural History Museum and Pitt Rivers (Archaeological/Anthropological) Museum right near St. Anne's on Saturday, which was fun.  We also visited the Ashmolean Museum (Archaeology) a few weeks past.  Trying to see all that Oxford has to offer before I have to head home!

Natural History
Pitt Rivers
Another view

I've also started an application for the Marshall Scholarship, which is one of the most prestigious scholarships offered to graduating students to continue their postgraduate studies in Great Britain.  It's comparable to the Rhodes, although not quite as intense.  Nonetheless, I'm definitely going to have to make my application stellar to stand out - here's hoping for a good result!  The internal application isn't due until September, so I thankfully have all summer to work on it.

I emailed the professor that I'd like to work with for my DPhil here at Oxford, so I'm hoping she emails me back in time to potentially meet in person before I head home to the states!  Perhaps get a foot in the door.  She works in the Clinical Neurology department, doing plasticity/connectivity research with fMRI, specifically focusing on brain rehabilitation after stroke.  DEFINITELY the closest research to my personal interests that I've found to date!  I'm having trouble finding professors to work with at USA universities, for some reason.  No one seems to be as interested in brain repair as they are here in England.

I just sold my bike!  It makes leaving seem all the more real... terrifying.  However, I made $65 off of it, so not bad for having it for 8 months!

For those of you interested in what a "BLADE" actually is (what I won with my rowing team), here are a few through the years:
A very old, pencil style oar
Macon-style oar, which is what we'll be getting.  This will look almost exactly like ours, except our blade is red with a grey tip.  (Notice Pembroke III bumped our second boat on this blade... and our second eight bumped them this year!)
Cleaver-blade style

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