Monday, March 14, 2011


Landed in Alicante yesterday, bright and early.. after a very eventful journey.  We had to leave Oxford at 1am to catch the bus to the airport because it was the only one that got us there before our flight.  However, we had about 4 hours to kill in the airport, which proved difficult since the chairs were possibly the most awkward things to try to sleep in, ever.  We made it through, hopped on the plane and had a lovely flight sandiwiching a very old man who was going on a bowling expedition with about 38 other seniors.  Sabrina and I were easily the youngest on that plane by decades.  Anyway, the landing to Alicante was one of the most beautiful I´ve ever experienced: we flew over some mountains full of tiny villages and then into the mediterranean sea, where we had to circle back and land on the coast of the city.  It was breathtaking.

Our first day we basically spent time at the beach and marina and met up with my Ohio friend Sarah.  She showed us a lot of the town, which is quite different than expected.  It´s small and pretty busy, not as much ancient architecture as other cities but still a quaint area.  Today we met her host mother, Marga, who cooked us the best chicken paella.  She then fed us strawberries doused in whip cream (she added more and more to mine.. AKA, I ate a mountain of whipped cream and very few strawberries)... followed by two shots of after-lunch grape based liquer.  Good times!

We´re heading out to Santander mid-day tomorrow to meet with Sabrina´s friend from home and also our American friend from Oxford, Sheldon.  It´s Sheldon´s birthday today, so we´re taking him out on the town tomorrow, big time.  Poor kid!

Off for more yummy Spanish foooooooood!

beach & the med sea!

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