Sunday, March 6, 2011

Torpids pictures, here we come!

Men's 2nd boat did the best out of all of the St. Anne's boats, bumping everyday and thus winning blades with their names on it!  Very prestigious.  They bumped up a whole division, as well.  Congrats to them!

My boat, men's 1st, bumped twice but the excitement certainly occurred on the last day... when I was sent for a swim without intention!  We had JUST bumped and the boat in front of us wouldn't get out of the way/crashed, and so we were blocking part of the river.  A boat didn't see that we had stopped and came straight at us.  One of their oars/blades hit me square in the back and sent me into the river.  What a shock - so cold!  I then had to walk back 20+min to our boathouse, sopping wet, and my crew had to row home with only 7 rowers since my stroke seat had to take over as cox.  It was SO funny.  The whole race got called because of that, but we still got our bump, so overall it was a success!  That's one for the memory books.

Here are some pictures!

Men's 2nd right before the race that got them blades!
Eddie, Sheldon & I

Men's 1st, my boat!

M2 after they won blades!

Women's 1st

After I got tossed from the boat...

after falling in the river!

M1 love!

M1 a bit more classy

M2 classy

one of the giant bruises from my catapult from the boat..

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