Friday, March 18, 2011

Visited Santander for a few days, but it was sadly cold and rainy so we didn´t experience the lovely Atlantic Ocean side of Spain.  It was still picturesque, just wish it had been warm and sunny like Alicante!

We landed in Madrid bright and early yesterday.  WHAT AN AMAZING CITY.  A very close second to Rome, I´d say.  It has these amazing plazas with great restaurants, architecture and amazing parks everywhere!  The city is just very people friendly and still manages to be clean even though its' population is massive.  very impressive.

Expect a LOAD of pictures from Madrid.  The place is just perfect for photography.  Saw a lovely castle today, the famous Prado museum, the large Park (there are so many around, it's crazy), botanical garden, etc!  I'm going a bit picture crazy.

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