Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The countdown to Torpids...

24 hours until St. Anne's Men's 1st boat takes to the water to show some domination at Torpids!  For all of you reading this who have no idea what a traditional Oxford-style bumps race is, I've provided some very interesting (and somewhat hilarious) clips of the pros and cons of this race.

We race every single day from tomorrow until Saturday, only once.  The race course varies because as soon as you bump another boat, you've succeeded in your goal and you can stop racing and move to the side.  So, we can end up racing only a few meters or we can end up racing the entire 1.4k race.  Crossing our fingers for some quick bumps on Wednesday and Thursday, as we have some much slower boats in front of us.  We're slated to be in the top 2 boats of our division and probably one of the top 5 boats on the entire river, so we're really psyched to show it at Torpids!  Anne's hasn't been this good in over 40 years, so here we come!  We also have the potential to win blades (yes, literally, giant oars) if we bump every day.  Hopefully I'll get to ship one back to the states!

So, without further ado, here are some videos:

Wadham bumping

What NOT to do... (foul language!)

Another view of the above video.. ouch!

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