Saturday, March 12, 2011

and the traveling begins again!

Well, Hilary term has come to a close (seriously, where does time go?!) and this the time for traveling  begins again!  I'm going to travel with many different people this time, so it'll be quite a different experience but a fantastic one nonetheless!  Here's an outline of my plans:

March 13, fly to Alicante, Spain to visit my very good friend from Ohio who is studying abroad there.  I'm traveling with Sabrina, a good friend from Oxford who is also American.  On March 15, we fly to Santander, Spain to see one of Sabrina's friends and our fellow Oxford American Sheldon meets up with us.   On March 17, we fly to Madrid and meet up with Isabela, my first-year roommate at Bryn Mawr.  We stay in Madrid for 4 days then head up to Paris, where Isabela is studying abroad and where I also have many friends.  On March 24, we fly back to Oxford/London and then head into London for the famous Oxford v. Cambridge boat race!  There will be a huge number of us staying at Eddie's house for the race so it's bound to bring up some funny stories.  On March 28, a group of about 11 of us fly to Berlin for four days and then to Amsterdam, returning back to London on April 4th.  Not sure where I will be April 4 - 10, but I hope to be visiting Keir in Bath as well as a few other Oxford friends.  On April 10, mom and aunt Di come into town and we begin our whirlwind journey to Oxford, around England, Dublin, Edinburgh and London.  I then have some free time that may or may not include pre-training with my boatclub and then we're all the way back to term!

I really can't imagine only spending one more term here.  I'm going to be making the most of it, that's for sure.

Look for updates and pictures from my travels!

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