Monday, November 22, 2010

Can't believe it's week 7 here!

We're rolling into week 7 of term, which means that we only have this week and next week... and then we're done.  I absolutely cannot believe that my first term at Oxford is almost over.  What happened to the time?

These next two weeks are going to be seriously stress-inducing, but I'm ready for it.  I have lots of papers and tutorials to finish, as well as attending the Christ Church regatta with our novice boats (go St. Anne's!).  Our lovely 1st men's VIII stomped the competition in the Nephthys regatta this past weekend, so I'm REALLY excited about our future endeavors come Hilary and Trinity term!  I think we're highly underestimated by other colleges, which is going to soon change.  Here are the 1st VIII's videos of their win (we're in the yellow boat with red blades): (First race vs. Keble College) (Second race vs. The Queen's College)

I'm starting to work on the itinerary for the lovely winter expedition that I have planned with my friend Sara, who is also from the states.  We're going to pick some key places in the big cities we're visiting and then mostly just wing the trip.  I think that's the best type of tourism, anyway.. you see more exciting things if you mingle with the locals!  We also need to book the hostels pretty soon.  My bank account is dwindling, slowly but surely.  Thank goodness for supplementary income via the telethon job that I got at St. Anne's in January.

My best friend from Bryn Mawr visited from studying abroad in Athens, Greece and we had a fabulous journey of Oxford and London.  I'll be seeing her again in 2 weeks, which is hard to believe!  I'm so excited to finally make it down to the Mediterranean.  The weather is also a big plus!  Here's a few of our pictures:

A giant pink pelican in Hyde Park!  Promise it was real!

The classic phone booth picture.. matches my blog!

Great cocktail bar experience! (Grasshopper, apple pie and passion fruit champagne)

Steph and I with our pints of cider at the famous Turf Tavern in Oxford

Elise, Steph & I with a lovely backdrop of London

Off to work on my ungodly amount of work!  Cheers!

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