Monday, November 15, 2010

Finally un-sick!

After 9 days of AWFUL throat pain and general sickness, I finally recovered.  Apparently going to a friend's birthday party and staying up until 5:30am to walk Karina to the bus station cures sickness.. or perhaps it was the large amount of dairy that I ate on Friday?  Well, it will remain a mystery.. but nonetheless, I'm finally better!

I purchased my winter break tickets!!!!!!!!!!!!  December 5 - 9 I will be in Athens, Greece; Dec 9 - 14 in Rome; Dec 14 - 19 in Barcelona; Dec 19 - 22 in Paris and finally back to London late on the 22nd.  I'll be staying in London for Christmas, then perhaps traveling to a friend's house for after-Christmas festivities.  It'll be nice to have some company for the holidays.  I also got the telethon gig at St. Anne's, so I'll be employed at the college from January 3rd - January 16th making phone calls to lovely alumnae in hopes that they give me lots of money.  It pays 300GBP, so I'm not complaining.. at least that's 300 back in my bank account after I spend most of it on this winter break fiasco.

I went to Barclays today and asked them to order my cash card (debit card) because apparently no one had.  What is it with the British system and taking their merry time?  You even have to ask for the check at restaurants or else you may well be sitting there for an hour wondering why you haven't gotten it.  Very interesting.  Hopefully I'll get the cash card before I head out on my travels.

My best friend from Bryn Mawr is headed over from Greece this coming Thursday to spend Friday & Saturday with me and another one of her friends in Oxford and London!  I'm really exciteddddddddd.  Back to London we go for more touristy fun!  Although, it's gotten quite cold, so hopefully it doesn't rain while we're there.. that could make for another bout of sickness that I'm certainly not up for.

Off to do an essay and debate preparations!  Cheers!

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