Thursday, November 4, 2010

Terribly sorry for the lack of updates!

I'm sorry that I didn't get to post more than once this past week.  I've been working on a debate in human neuropsychology and on a paper for the same class, as well as trying to keep up with exploring Oxford and having a decent social life.  Needless to say, I'm obviously not finding enough time to put together a blog post!  Terribly sorry.

I finally received my debit card on Monday, which was a huge relief.  10 days without money in a foreign country isn't so fun.  I also successfully opened a bank account with Barclays here in the UK and wired the money to it earlier this week.  I just need to receive my debit card from them and I'll be good to go.  It's nice having two bank accounts just so I can have a back-up if the same horrific experience reoccurs.

My friend Sara and I (who is also a visiting student) are playing our winter break vacation.  I'm insanely excited about it.  We're going to Athens, Greece to visit Stephanie (from Bryn Mawr), to Rome, then Barcelona, then Paris and finally back to London.  Sara's flying home on the 26th but I'm staying throughout break, so I'll be taking the rest of the time to explore the UK (hopefully Edinburgh and Dublin).  I have an interview set up to work a telethon for St. Anne's starting in early January, so my travel plans depend on whether or not I get hired to work that.  It'd be nice to make some extra money after blowing it all the previous weeks.  I also have an interview to work in the development office here doing spreadsheet work.  Income is much desired.

The weather here has been surprisingly nice for October/November, so far.  We had a cold spell that lasted for about a week and dropped below freezing for a few nights.  However, it's low 60s today so I can't complain.  I'm hoping this weather holds out for awhile, as riding 3 miles on my bike one-way to row will get a little bit old in the freezing weather.

Speaking of rowing -- I think the 1st men's boat is planning to enter a regatta during 6th week (two weeks from now) and hopefully I'll be coxing them.  That's the goal, anyway!  If not now, then in the near future.  They definitely have a ton of potential, which is quite exciting.

Karina (my really good friend who is studying in Norway currently) is visiting me on the 10th.  I'm meeting her in London and we're going to pow-wow around London until Thursday evening, at which point we're hopping aboard a Megabus and coming home late for my classes on Friday morning.  I haven't seen her in over a year and a half, so it'll be a nice rendezvous!  Here's hoping for decent weather.  The following week Steph is coming and we're seeing the Harry Potter premiere and also heading to London on the 20th.  She'll be here during the regatta (if I'm coxing), so that will also be really cool.

On a side note: what happened, America?  Seriously, we lost the House to the GOP?  You've got to be kidding me.  A personal favorite site of mine:  Ignore the profanity; it's a great website.


Homemade Sunday dinner with some lovely Brits & Americans!

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