Friday, November 12, 2010


Just got back from a fun adventure in London!  Though I was still pretty sick (can barely swallow/talk), Karina and I sure were efficient about sightseeing and making the most of the trip!  After not being able to find each other for over an hour after arriving in London via different places, we finally set off to find our hostel.  The hostel wasn't too bad, really.  The beds weren't as flat as we thought, though the pillows could've used improvement.  We were in a room with 20 other people, so obviously the bathroom situation wasn't as desirable as it could be. Overall, though, we paid about $8 per person for it, so you can't expect that much!  It was well worth it.

Thursday morning we set out bright and early, walked across the street from our hostel into Kensington Gardens and then over to Albert Hall and into the main part of the city.  We trekked to the tube (underground), bought an all-day pass and proceeded to check out Westminster (Big Ben, Parliament, Westminster Abbey).  We learned it was Remembrance Day here as well, just like our Veterans Day, so we got to witness a lot of ceremonies and a lot of people wearing poppies (their symbol of remembrance).  We did indulge in true fish & chips, although we weren't super impressed by them... still hunting for a really good find!  The throat made it a bit difficult to appreciate it, as well.  We saw Trafalgar square, Piccadilly Circus and the Harry Potter premiere!  The HP premiere was absolutely insane.  We arrived back right when the actors started to arrive and it was an absolute madhouse.  Our last stop was Buckingham Palace, which we thought rather looked like a government building rather than a palace.. but not like that would stop me from wanting to live there, anyway!

Here are some pictures from the extravaganza!

Kensington Palace

Karina and a swan (camera is not food!)

London Eye 

Parliament and Big Ben

Westminster Abbey and Remembrance Day crowds

Fish and chips, of course!

HP7 premiere!

Proof that we conquered London!  In front of Buckingham

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