Sunday, October 10, 2010

Crew & the BOP!

Hello again!

Our college hosted our BOP last night (BOP being like a themed party, basically.. maybe most comparable to a 'homecoming' or 'halloween' deal?).  Ours was Heroes v. Villains and was at a club called Babylove in central Oxford.  I must say, the costumes were quite funny and we had a good time with it.  However, the club itself was like sardines trying to dance.. let's just say that it wasn't well ventilated.  Still a fun time, though!  Here come of the hilarious pictures:

Marc & I (fellow visiting student).  He was Hugh Hefner & I was a prisoner.

My mad scientist Brit friend & I.  The handcuffs proved quite funny.

Several visiting students

Obama was enforcing the law

A great group!

Today, I also went to the first 'trial' for the rowing team here.  I got to take out a novice boat & help coach, which was really cool!  I think I'll be coxing for the men while I'm here, so that should be a fun experience.  The river where we row is quite small and there are plenty of barges and boats, so it's much like an obstacle course.  We did pretty well today for having only two experienced rowers in the boat.  I'm looking forward to continuing in the future.. though I definitely need a bike.  It was a long walk to get down to the boathouse and I sense I may not enjoy that at 5:30am, in the rain or in the cold.  Yipes.

Class tomorrow, finally!  I'm actually excited to get started with things.  I've done some reading and feel adequately prepared, so bring it on Oxford!  Cheers!

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