Thursday, October 14, 2010

Greetings, again!

Well, it's Thursday and I've just finished my first essay for an Oxford class!  My timetable of classes really isn't bad thus far, with one lecture Monday, one Tuesday and one Friday.  I also have a private tutorial two days per week and a debate in human neuropsychology four times this semester.  I should be juggling two essays and a powerpoint debate about every week, so I need to brush up on my efficiency!

Rowing should also be starting soon.  I got certified as an Oxford coxswain on Monday though I haven't received my 'status' yet.  I'll most likely be 'experienced' status, which allows me to cox in most river conditions, which will certainly be a great asset.  I'd just love to get back in a boat!

The Isis and our boat house

Well, must get to rereading the essay and finding other such things to do!  Cheers!

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