Saturday, October 16, 2010

Two weeeeeeeeeeeks!

It's officially been two weeks since I touched down in lovely England-town and began to experience the greatness that is Oxford.  It's also matriculation day for all of the freshers, so they're officially becoming part of the Oxford experience as well; quite fitting.

So, in the spirit of these last two weeks, a list of reasons why Oxford is ruling my world at the moment:

1. There is a life outside of academia.  Seriously; it's a little rough to balance out everything, but the nightlife makes up for the strenuous school work.  Also, I might like clubbing a bit too much.

2.  The town is beautiful.  I just stroll into center city at least once every two days just for the hell of it.  I've begun to love walking a lot more.

3.  There were cows three feet from the river we were rowing on yesterday.  They got in the way of our coach's bike.

4.  The three-to-one and one-on-one tutorials are awesome.  The professors are super approachable (at least mine are) and have high, though fair, expectations and make great discussion points.

5.  The people here are pretty much amazing.  I don't know if it's just a St. Anne's thing, but almost everyone I've met here is incredibly friendly.  Plus, they don't make fun of my American accent.. too much.  They do take great pleasure in trying to teach me English slang/correct phrasing, however.

There's just a few.  The list goes on and on in my head.  Also, I've completed several things that I desired to do while in England: buy a drink in a pub, take an English taxi, visit a famous library (although I'm still working on the Bod and the Camera...), etc.

Time to clean my room up for a visit from Lauren of zoo school era!  Should be a good weekend, I'm hoping.  The weather has also been very nice here except for the occasional cold evening.. but really, the rain hasn't been bad at all.  I've been impressed, over all.

Happy matriculating!


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