Thursday, October 21, 2010

Rowing, etc!

Last night we had first crew outing: an English curry, of course!  Pirate style!  I mean, why not?

So, everyone dolled up in their pirate best and headed to Jamal's indian food over in Jericho (the little part of Oxford right near our college).  Let's just say that it was a pretty good time with lots of ridiculous games throughout the dinner.  For instance, if the captain took off his shirt, all the other men had to take their shirts off as soon as possible.  If someone yelled BOMB, everyone had to get under the table.  If a second or third year jumped onto their chair, everyone else had to do, preferably with good dance moves accompaning!  I'm sure I've just painted a hilarious picture of rowing.. but it was a great bit of fun!  We then went to Park End (a club on the south west side of Oxford).

I had no problem with the dancing on chairs bit.  Rather my forte, I say!

Lots of pirates!

Coxswains!  We have the exact same birthday.. good news for us in January!

I somehow acquired a pirate hat at Park End.  Not bad!

Also received a great package from the parents.. much appreciated!  The swedish fish are a bit addicting.  Ah well, everyone has a vice!  Speaking of vices... I'm going in town today to check out LA Fitness since the Oxford gym has a RIDICULOUS price to join and really isn't that great.  You have to pay extra for classes and stuff.  I think I'm prepared to pay a bit of money to join LA Fitness just because I may go insane if I can't workout, even for just a bit.  I tried running, but that failed terribly because of my hip.  I also need to still find a bike for rowing.. hmm!

I'll leave you with a picture of four of us visiting students at formal dinner (a dinner where we all dressed up and ate with our academic tutors and other fellows of the college):

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