Friday, October 1, 2010

It's D-Day!

I'll be in England in 20 hours time!  It's so weird to think about it.

I had my last row with the lovely ladies of GCRA this morning.  They were a wonderful way to end the summer and set off to England!  I'll miss them a lot; best of luck to them in the head race season!  They gave me a JL from their crew and a lovely gift certificate to help with the (outrageous) British costs!  Thanks a lot ladies!

I'll wear it with St. Anne's crew proudly!

I'm nearly done packing my carry on bag and have everything prepared for take off!  I leave Columbus at 4:50pm and land at JFK around 7pm, then head to Heathrow at 9:10pm.  I'll be arriving around 4:30am our time (since England is +5 hours).  I'm hoping my Tylenol PM pulls through and I can sleep throughout the entire plane ride!  That'd certainly make for a much better adaptation to the time change.

It's been great seeing everyone these past few days/weeks.  Thank you for all the well wishes!

If you want to comment on these blogs, I believe you need to have an account with wordpress, blogspot or a google email address.  It's really easy to sign up for one if you click the comment box below -- there should be directions.  You can also email me!  I'll still be checking my BMC email: & of course facebook!

If you want to send postcards/cards/well wishes, please do!  My address is:

Brielle Stark
St Anne's College
Woodstock Road
Oxford OX2 6HS 
United Kingdom (but some post offices prefer 'England')

Also a note: my phone will shut off today at around 1pm.

St. Anne's crest

Next blog will be from OXFORD!
(I also changed my blog times to match with London's time zone!)

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  1. So you're going to be coxing for St. Anne's, then? Good luck!

    Also, you better go to an a cappella concert while your over there. If you don't I may have to smack you down!