Wednesday, October 6, 2010

A picture update!

This is seriously such an incredible place!  Great people, great places to see and such a welcoming college environment.  Here's a little picture tour!

My room:

View from my balcony:

Central Oxford


The college hosted a special 'club night' for us at a local club last night, which was spectacular.  Freshers week has been going well, with lots of lectures (that I've heard at least three times now throughout my college career...), pretty good food and lots of trips.  I'm getting to know the center city of Oxford well.  Rowing is also starting up soon!  We're doing trials this weekend for St. Anne's, I believe.  They're really excited to have an American cox, so it should be a good time!  However, their cox terms are much different than our own, so we will how they react to my mixed lingo!

My new favorite British word is also 'cheers.'  It's quite endearing.

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