Friday, October 8, 2010


Hello all!

Finally got my classes ironed out.  I'll be taking Human Neuropsychology with my personal tutor, Kate Watkins, and Behavioural Neuroscience with a fellow from Queen's College at Oxford (yes, this does entail walking quite far...).  Just to show everyone an example of the lecture format of my program here:

So, you can see that I'll be attending lecture approximately three hours per week.  However, that's not the beauty of Oxford.  Oxford has individualized tutorial sessions in addition to these lecture-style classrooms, where the professor-student ratio is very, very small (ideally one-on-one, but often no more than three students).  I'll be signing up for those tutorials as well.  I believe I owe two papers for behavioural neuroscience during the tutorials, and I'm unsure about the other class's requirements.  The professors hand out fairly extensive reading lists before each lecture, and I just received mine for the behavioural class -- looks like my weekend may be full of reading!  It's been a long time since I've done anything education related.. gracious.  Five months tomorrow, actually. 


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